Torro´s Kaktüsse



A hybridisation experiment 2010

Why use Chamaecereus?

It is remarkable - if you compare the size of the plant with the size of the blossom: 
The blossom is HUGE! ...and has a nice colour.
Other advantages: It is small and blossoms early, you see the results of your experiments soon,
it is easy to grow. 
The seedlings appearance reaches from chamaecereus-like to larae-like - at least now 
and grafted on 2 different stocks.

The parents:
Mother plant chamaecereus, pollen from L. larae, blossom in june, 
sown about 20 seeds in july, grafted end of july, 
seedlings pictures: end of september
Chamaecereus silvestrii
                          * Lobivia larae

Some of the resulting seedlings (about 12)

Chamaelobivia "Torro I"                                        "Torro II"

Chamaelobivia  "Torro I"

Chamaelobivia  "Torro II" Cristata !!
Der Kamm  Portraitfoto                                    Von der Seite

Chamaelobivia  "Torro III" hinkt ganz schön hinterher in der Entwicklung.